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I’m a national columnist with Creators Syndicate and contributor to CNN Opinion.

My pigeonhole reads “left of center,” but actually, I’m pretty eclectic. Some accuse me of harboring a libertarian bent, a charge I will not challenge. Politically, I play with all the children in the neighborhood.

Bio particulars can be found on my Wikipedia entry.  They are more or less accurate.

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Froma Harrop, near Bozeman, Montana
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2 thoughts on “FromaHarrop

  1. What was the point of your newest article on Berniie Sanders?

    Here’s my summary:

    “Cornel West was mean to Obama! Bernie Sanders said something mean to someone 43 years ago! Movement politics is mean! Because I said so! So vote for whatever candidate the establishment and corporate media serves up!”

    Not a single mention of the issues the West and Obama differ on. Not a single mention of any of the issue stances or ideas that have fueled Sanders’ growing popularity. Not a trace of substance to be found. Nothing but a strained, speculative, petty personality critique. What a perfect representation of how corporate media cover “politics” in 2015.

  2. Regarding ‘Competence shines amid repulsive politics’ published Sunday, april 3, 2016.

    1. Ted Cruz did respond to Donald Trump by saying that wives and families are off-limits and should not be used as campaign ammunition. It is true that a published picture of Trump’s wife started the issue, however that was published by a Super-PAC which is not controlled by either candidate. (By law, Super-PAC’s cannot be managed by any candidate). This is definitely one of the low points of the campaign to date.

    2. You sing the praises of the NYPD (and rightly so) however the ‘patrol and secure’ suggestion that Ted Cruz mentioned was originally an NYPD program that was later stopped. Cruz’s remarks have been exaggerated beyond their original intent by many in the press. The political correctness in this country has gone too far. When grandmothers need to remove their shoes while women clad head to toe in traditional garb are not being searched, there exists an inequality that is not fair or right.

    Here is an example from personal experience…

    I was boarding a shuttle bus to a major sporting event. Before boarding, security checked each passenger. I was asked to remove my golf cap. I complied and was allowed to board the bus. The man behind me had a turban on his head. He was asked to remove the turban but refused because of religious reasons. He was not wanded, he was not searched, he was just allowed to board the bus. The point is, the rules are not applied fairly. I have never balked at security checks if they are going to keep the population at large safer. How did this situation make the bus safer? Why were my constitutional rights allowed to be taken away from me but not from someone else? I don’t think we should single out others based on nationality or religious beliefs, but I certainly don’t think exceptions should be made either.

    Finally, the NYPD is funded by New York taxpayers and should be using their resources to server and protect the people of NY City. The U.S. has other organizations that have more of a global charter and can react to terrorist activities on a global scale. One of the main problems with our anti-terrorist efforts is the inability of these government organizations to cooperate and share information. Apparently the NYPD’s solution is to just send their own people. I can understand the link between researching global terrorist activities and making NY City better prepared to react, however I don’t think the NYPD should be the organization to react to global terrorist activities. It is a duplication of efforts that most likely results in continued animosity between these organizations.

    I am also a little surprised by your approval of the NYPD’s reaction to these events. Having AR-15 armed officers stationed at subways stations, etc as depicted on the news is not necessarily a good thing. Many very bad regimes in human history have started with the ‘law and order’ mentality that degrades into subjugating its citizens. Many socialistic societies have docile populations that simply stay in lock step with the government’s wishes.

    In case you didn’t get it from my comments I am a Republican, I do support Ted Cruz and I agree with you that a good part of the Republican campaign season has been embarrassing. The Democrats are not completely free from this either, however it has been more traditional politics on the Democratic side.

    Thanks for listening.