The Twilight Zone of Clinton conspiracy mongers


From out in the political Twilight Zone and into my inbox come virtually the same lines about Hillary Clinton and Benghazi.  (The latest batch is in response to my recent column,  Benghazi Probe Always about Politics.)


To protect the ignorant, I’m offering a sampling, but omitting the correspondent’s name:


Poppycock!  That liar, Hillary, told her daughter in an email, on her PRIVATE, UNAUTHORIZED SERVER, that it was. TERROR ATTACK, not some stupid video.  

Submitted for your approval, here would my response (if I responded to this kind of robotic messaging, which I don’t anymore):

Is it beyond your comprehension that an anti-Muslim video produced in the United States could have plausibly set off an attack on the American compound in Benghazi? After all, it caused deadly rioting that morning in Cairo and throughout the Islamic world.