Brexit: Exactly who are the Elites?

blaming brexit on elites
Elitists ‘r’ us


Scribes of the left-leaning persuasion seem to agree that a global Elite is to blame for the vote by Britain’s little people to leave the European Union.

Sometimes they favor us with a description of exactly who the elites are. Sometimes they don’t.  The American Prospect offers an example of the latter.

The analysis is otherwise ballpark, until we get to this:

Yes, the victorious campaign to leave the European Union won on the basis of xenophobia and the demonization of immigrants.

Hold on.

Tarring the Brexit crowd as xenophobic, racist and what-have-you is itself highly elitist.  One can’t vouch for the purity of all the motives powering the immigration skeptics, but the entry last year of over 300,000 migrants, mostly to the England part of the U.K, would stress any working class, both economically and culturally.

The little people are allowed to be stressed.

My column, The Cultural Case for Brexit Deserves Respect, goes into this.

Immigration on a massive scale is itself a facet of the globalization we like to condemn. And beating up on Brexit voters for opposing it is, frankly, elitist to the nth power.