Media mistakes Bernie Sanders noise for numbers


Bernie Sanders at Washington Square Park
Bernie Sanders is entertaining for sure


The naïveté of supposedly authoritative political analysts never fails to stun.

Frank Bruni writes that the Sanders camp is “where the fiercest energy in the party resides right now.”

How does he know?

It was audible on Thursday night, in the boos from the audience that sometimes rained down on Clinton,

Wow, how many Bernie bros were booing?  Three?  Four?

The cable reportage leading up to the debate focused on the rousing support for Bernie evidenced by the masses attending his rally in Washington Square. It was contrasted to the smaller group listening to Hillary in the Bronx.

Bernie puts on a good show, but whence comes the assumption that the crowds enjoying it planned to vote for him?  Had I been near Washington Square that evening, I too would have attended though Clinton is clearly my preference.

Hillary might have attracted a larger audience in the Bronx had the Democratic electorate there not been otherwise busy, juggling two kids and three jobs.  Those are the people responsible for her 2-million-plus lead in the popular vote.

The white gentry running restrictive caucuses out West did run up a bunch of state wins for Sanders.  But as Paul Krugman astutely notes,

those seven states have a combined population of about 20 million. Meanwhile, Florida alone also has about 20 million people — and Mrs. Clinton won it by a 30-point margin.

Meanwhile, Bernie really ought to watch it when he says

I think having so many southern states go first distorts reality

Who propels the votes in the southern states. Hint: It’s not the white gentry.