VA hospital hysteria really about hating government

The right-wing insanity surrounding the allegations that 40 veterans died after a VA hospital in Phoenix put them on a long waiting list — a list it kept secret — has drawn lazy media into its web. That’s a lot of media.

Nothing had been substantiated. One hospital worker making the charges is a retired doctor who was repeatedly reprimanded for playing hooky on Fridays. Another is a fired employee now suing the hospital.

Listen to the craziness of accuser Dr. Samuel Foote:

The place is Phoenix, Arizona, where a message needs to be sent loud and clear to VA administrators and bureaucrats alike that the murder of our veterans for cash bonuses and career advancement will no longer be tolerated.

The AP’s Brian Skoloff has done a good job of inserting some truth into the hysteria.

In addition, this is about hating government — hating Obama is a already a given — and worshipping corporate health care.   Never mind that the veterans themselves rave about the VA system and pound tables whenever a politicians talks about privatizing their government-run health care oasis.

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