The wit of James Taranto

The WSJ blogger still doesn’t like me.

I recently stumbled upon his post of last month again likening me to Catherine Ashton, a British politician not known for her beauty.  Taranto used to call me “Baroness of Mush.”  He’s quite the wit.

That aside, I’m grateful that he linked to a column he takes issue with, The Silliness of Demographic Panic. He’s being too fair for his own good.

I’ll let my argument speak for itself. But I’d like to remark on Taranto’s closing comment. He writes that

working-age adults would be in a better position to help their aged parents if the government weren’t taking a like amount of their earnings to subsidize the free riders who didn’t have children.

So, according to Taranto, workers who’ve been contributing to the Social Security System for decades and then collect benefits are “freeloaders” if they haven’t had children.

I was under the impression that Social Security benefits were calculated according to work history and payroll taxes paid.  Could number of children should become the new determination? Octomom must be really excited.

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