The post-election stock market is volatile


The VIX index
The VIX index


A number of readers have chided me for saying the stock market went into convulsions after Trump became the apparent winner on Tuesday evening.

Following is one example:

How’s that stock market prediction working out for you? Who do you think could better supervise trade deals, a politician or a billionaire businessperson? I know he lost a billion dollars but few billionaires don’t on the way up. Have you met anyone who refused a tax break so they could pay more? You in the media are clueless and this election proves it. You only feed the elite what they want to hear.

Here’s my answer:

My description was actually right.  “Convulsions” mean volatility.  The  markets swooned right after the election was called Tuesday night, and yes, the NYSE went up the following few days.  (That part actually worked quite well for me because I own stock.)

From what I read in the business press, savvy investors remain skittish.  After the 2008 financial meltdown commenced, the Dow hit record highs a few times before it collapsed.  If Trump honors his promise to turn off trade, the investment community will run for the hills.  Hope I can


Beverly Hills turns homeless man into spectacle


One of George Saville’s Beverly Hills fans

In a remarkable story out of Beverly Hills, celebrities are defending the right of a homeless man, George Saville, to live on the street.  They like his patter. He’s amusing.

Sports stars Lamar Odom and Jason Kidd get a kick out him.  Larry King declares him “harmless,” and Arab royalty from the Beverly Wilshire Hotel have him pose in their selfies.

That Saville is troubled, filthy and currently being hospitalized for a head injury from a fall is apparently not hint enough that he needs social services and a roof over his head, whether he wants them or not.


City officials see Saville as an “aggressive panhandler.” The city funds an “ambassadors” program — people in green shirts who, in addition to guiding tourists, find shelter for the homeless. Some of the locals don’t like that the ambassadors have been trying to force Saville off the street.

David Lyle, president of a television and digital content producers association, complains to the LA Times:

What you’ve mounted is an extrajudicial squad of greenshirts [who] are there to clear the streets of undesirables.”

In a fraction of the time Lyle, King …


The Twilight Zone of Clinton conspiracy mongers


From out in the political Twilight Zone and into my inbox come virtually the same lines about Hillary Clinton and Benghazi.  (The latest batch is in response to my recent column,  Benghazi Probe Always about Politics.)


To protect the ignorant, I’m offering a sampling, but omitting the correspondent’s name:


Poppycock!  That liar, Hillary, told her daughter in an email, on her PRIVATE, UNAUTHORIZED SERVER, that it was. TERROR ATTACK, not some stupid video.  

Submitted for your approval, here would my response (if I responded to this kind of robotic messaging, which I don’t anymore):

Is it beyond your comprehension that an anti-Muslim video produced in the United States could have plausibly set off an attack on the American compound in Benghazi? After all, it caused deadly rioting that morning in Cairo and throughout the Islamic world.




Brexit: Exactly who are the Elites?

blaming brexit on elites
Elitists ‘r’ us


Scribes of the left-leaning persuasion seem to agree that a global Elite is to blame for the vote by Britain’s little people to leave the European Union.

Sometimes they favor us with a description of exactly who the elites are. Sometimes they don’t.  The American Prospect offers an example of the latter.

The analysis is otherwise ballpark, until we get to this:

Yes, the victorious campaign to leave the European Union won on the basis of xenophobia and the demonization of immigrants.

Hold on.

Tarring the Brexit crowd as xenophobic, racist and what-have-you is itself highly elitist.  One can’t vouch for the purity of all the motives powering the immigration skeptics, but the entry last year of over 300,000 migrants, mostly to the England part of the U.K, would stress any working class, both economically and culturally.

The little people are allowed to be stressed.

My column, The Cultural Case for Brexit Deserves Respect, goes into this.

Immigration on a massive scale is itself a facet of the globalization we like to condemn. And beating up on Brexit voters for opposing it is, frankly, elitist to the nth power.





Media mistakes Bernie Sanders noise for numbers


Bernie Sanders at Washington Square Park
Bernie Sanders is entertaining for sure


The naïveté of supposedly authoritative political analysts never fails to stun.

Frank Bruni writes that the Sanders camp is “where the fiercest energy in the party resides right now.”

How does he know?

It was audible on Thursday night, in the boos from the audience that sometimes rained down on Clinton,

Wow, how many Bernie bros were booing?  Three?  Four?

The cable reportage leading up to the debate focused on the rousing support for Bernie evidenced by the masses attending his rally in Washington Square. It was contrasted to the smaller group listening to Hillary in the Bronx.

Bernie puts on a good show, but whence comes the assumption that the crowds enjoying it planned to vote for him?  Had I been near Washington Square that evening, I too would have attended though Clinton is clearly my preference.

Hillary might have attracted a larger audience in the Bronx had the Democratic electorate there not been otherwise busy, juggling two kids and three jobs.  Those are the people responsible for her 2-million-plus lead in the popular vote.

The white gentry running restrictive caucuses out West did run up a bunch of state wins …


Sanders and his Snapchat voters

Snapchat logo could be Bernie's
Snapchat logo could be Bernie’s


Been getting a big response to my recent column on the laziness of so many Bernie fans. Also, the man’s refusal to help out the party he wishes to represent in November.


When asked whether he’d raise money for other Democrats if he were to win the nomination, Sanders replied, “We’ll see.”

Bernie doesn’t do windows and toilets. That’s for establishment Democrats.

Surprised more people haven’t said this.

Here’s the column:

Sanders and the Snapchat Liberals